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Do you want to cook like the chefs you see on TV? Whether your goal is culinary success worthy of filming or you just want to improve your skills in the kitchen, having the proper tools can make an immense difference. Sure, a pasta rolling attachment for your stand mixer will make homemade pasta an easy to achieve reality, and a vacuum sealing machine can help you seal in flavors for a marinade. But we’re talking more basic than that. Great cooking starts with the most standard components: the ingredients, the cookware, and the right knives. At Easy Slice, our goal is to make excellent, easy to use, quality kitchen knives accessible for any home cook. Stay tuned to our blog to learn more about our knives as well as cooking techniques and other tips to help make your time in the kitchen go as quickly and smoothly as possible.

All Knives Are Not Created Equal

Most home cooks are using knives that are far too dull and they don’t even realize it. But stop for a moment and ask yourself this important question: when was the last time you sharpened your knives or took them to be sharpened? The number one quality of a good kitchen knife, no matter what size, is that it has a keen edge. If it is sharp enough, that thin honed edge of a knife not only means you can slice through nearly any food item with ease, but it means your kitchen tasks will go more quickly.

Take an example many of us are familiar with: slicing a tomato. If your knife isn’t sharp enough, it’s difficult to get through the skin, even though it’s not particularly thick. A tomato’s skin is, however, smooth and slick, so if the knife isn’t sharp enough, not only will it not cut into the tomato, it will likely slip and slide off. If it slides in the direction of your hand steadying the tomato, you’re more likely to end up being cut yourself. Ensuring your knives are nice and sharp is a great way to help minimize the risk of nicks and cuts.

Choosing Quality

When we talk about quality kitchen knives, we don’t automatically mean the most expensive set from that high-end kitchenwares store. Cost is not, in this case, what determines quality. The true delineation of quality is how well the knife functions, and how long it will function properly. As we mentioned above, how keen a knife’s edge is will make a big difference in how easily it cuts. In addition, how long it holds that beautifully sharp edge is a marker of quality. Yes, most knives should be sharpened regularly, but if it holds a sharp edge longer, you can tell it is made with a better quality metal.

At Easy Slice, we’ve designed a set of the best knives for kitchen use; in order to maintain the quality of our kitchen knives, we have created a double serrated knife set that will retain its edge. The 10 degree cutting angle means you’ll be able to cut through most things with ease, and the double scallop edge means an Easy Cut knife will cut straight. The metal we use for each blade is rated to a 57 on the Rockwell hardness scale, so you can trust that our knives will hold their edge, no matter what you’re cutting. Add in the no-slip golf ball grip handle and our serrated knife set is designed so it will perform optimally in the kitchen to help you save time with ingredient preparation and minimize the risk of kitchen injuries.

Find Out For Yourself

At Easy Slice, we make quality kitchen knives for any and every home cook, to help you succeed in every kitchen endeavor. While we can’t necessarily help you with the actual cooking process, when you use an Easy Cut knife, you can be assured that at least your ingredient preparations will go well! If you’re ready to experience the difference our quality kitchen knives can make in your cooking adventures, check out our online shop today. Still have questions? Stay tuned to our blog for more information, or contact our team online!

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