Benefits of a Serrated Edge Knife

April 8, 2019

There’s a pretty common misconception that serrated knives are for one of two purposes: slicing bread or cutting a just-grilled steak. But if you’re like us, you’ve questioned why so many of the best knife sets come with a serrated edge knife if they aren’t good for many uses. That’s valuable real estate in the knife block that could be just as easily given to a knife with a wider range of uses. So why do all those knife makers throw a serrated knife in the mix? Because they’re actually a great deal more useful than you might think. … Read More

Knife Care: How To Care for a No-Sharpening Knife – Part 2

March 15, 2019

Welcome back to the Easy Slice blog! Last time, we started delving into how to properly care for your knives. Proper knife care is one of the most important things you can do to help your cooking prep and protect your investment. When treated well, quality kitchen knives are not only safer and easier to use, but they are also more likely to last for years and years. That knife set that sits in the knife block on your grandparent’s kitchen counter? If you treat your knives well, they can easily become just as lasting a kitchen staple as those knives … Read More

Knife Care: How To Care for a No-Sharpening Knife – Part 1

February 1, 2019

A quality kitchen knife is an investment that, when treated well, can last generations. Think for a moment about your parents’ or grandparents’ kitchen. Do you remember seeing a knife block sitting on the counter with a nicely matching set of knives that seemed to always be there? That is the investment a good knife can be; it can be the knife you remember from your childhood, still going strong into a third or fourth generation’s worth of use. Of course, even the best quality kitchen knives can only last so long when put under the strain … Read More

How To Use a No-Stick Knife

December 8, 2018

With fall in full swing, we know that many of you across the country are ready to break out those favorite squash recipes. After all, there’s no better time than autumn for those warm and comforting foods like a rich butternut squash soup or a sweet and savory roasted acorn squash. But, as delicious as those squash dishes are, there’s a definite downside: the prep work. A recipe that should be easy as pie—or, really, a whole lot easier than making a pie; crusts are hard!—inevitably becomes a whole lot harder when your knife isn’t up to … Read More

How Many Knives Do I Need? Stocking Your Kitchen Well

January 15, 2019

As any professional chef will tell you, buying a set of quality kitchen knives is one of the most impactful things you can do in terms of improving your cooking performance—well, that and practice. Sharper, higher-quality knives mean you can make more precise cuts. Not only does this make chopping things easier, but it can affect how foods cook! But is one knife enough? Can you make do with two? Generally speaking, it’s better to invest in a few great knives rather than a dozen poor-quality knives. But where’s the balance between the two? The … Read More

What Makes Kitchen Knives Quality?

October 20, 2017

You’ve undoubtedly heard the saying about the importance of having “the right tool for the job.” When you’re doing work around the house, you’d hardly use a hammer when you need to make a two-by-four shorter. When working in the kitchen, the concept is absolutely the same. Yes, you’ll need to start with the right ingredients, but the tools you use can have just as much impact on how a dish turns out. Of course, there’s always room for creative workarounds when you don’t own an entire kitchen supply store, but any trained chef can … Read More

What Should I Look For in Quality Kitchen Knives?

October 10, 2017

In previous blogs, we’ve talked about the importance of having the right tools for the job in order to make your cooking experiences both easier and safer. However, we don’t mean you need to go buy out the entirety of your local kitchen supply store—that would be overkill! If you’re looking to make your cooking adventures easier and minimize the risk of injury while you cook, you don’t necessarily need to have every single gadget on offer; you just need a few great quality kitchen knives. What does that mean, though? Features, Not Price When … Read More

How to Sharpen a Knife: Do I Need to?

October 15, 2017

Maybe they were a wedding gift from a relative who loves to cook, or maybe you splurged with a bonus for work. However you obtained them, that shiny new knife set sitting in the knife block on your counter probably makes you feel like you can conquer anything your cookbooks throw at you. A couple months (or years) down the road, however, they’re a little less thrilling. Not only has the exciting new-ness worn off, but that keenly sharp edge they came with has worn down, and chopping onions isn’t the quick and easy task it used to be. What … Read More

How No-Stick Knives Work

October 5, 2017

How many times have you gone to cut open something large like a watermelon or a butternut squash, only to have your knife get stuck halfway through trying to cut it in half? Then, to add injury to insult, once your knife is wedged in, it’s a lot harder to un-wedge, even by pulling it out or up. This is when a lot of home cooks will brace a hand on the side of whatever they are cutting, to try to force the knife out, and end up cutting themselves in the process. If you’ve had a food preparation experience or two like this, it’s time to get … Read More

Serrated Edge Knife Versus Straight: Does the Edge Matter?

September 30, 2017

We know not everyone has aspirations of being a world-famous chef. Some of us just want to cook delicious, nutrient-rich meals for our families—and maybe make the dish that has everyone else at the potluck feeling a bit jealous. Whether your goal is to make it big and work in a world-famous restaurant or just cook well at home, the best place to start is with the basics: great ingredients and the right equipment. Of course, half-moldy broccoli isn’t going to taste nearly as good as a nice fresh selection of the same veg straight from the store … Read More