9″ Easy Slice


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Product Description

  • The double scalloped serration makes each knife an easy-cut knife.
  • Enjoy cutting and chopping ease with our no-stick knife design.
  • All Easy Slice knives function just as well when used as a left-handed knife.


Cutting everything properly can be the difference between a great meal and a failure. But how do you cut everything properly with a knife that doesn’t cut straight? If you have trouble slicing evenly because of your knives, it’s time to try Easy Slice! Our double scallop serrated edge knife is an all-purpose knife, designed to function as a left-handed knife just as well as it would for right-handed use. In addition, the zero friction no-stick knife blade means this knife won’t get stuck halfway through the job. Experience the ease for yourself; order the best serrated knife from Easy Slice today!



  • 4 inch double scalloped serrated edge knife
  • No-slip grip handle and no-stick knife blade

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 12 × 3 in