8″ Easy Slice


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Product Description

  • The double scalloped serration makes each knife an easy-cut knife.
  • Enjoy cutting and chopping ease with our no-stick knife design.
  • Cuts straight, even when used as a left-handed knife.


How often do you struggle to slice tomatoes evenly? The issue may not be with the freshness of your produce, but your knives! Easy Slice serrated edge knives were specially designed to make kitchen prep and cooking easier and safer. Our no-sharpening knife has a double scallop serrated blade with a razor sharp edge so cutting a squash is just as easy as slicing onion.  Our zero friction blade retains its edge, so no more getting stuck halfway through the job. As an added bonus, all Easy Slice knives slice straight, so it makes a great left-handed knife as well! Experience the ease for yourself; shop Easy Slice utility kitchen knife options now!



  • 8 inch double scalloped serrated edge knife
  • No-slip grip handle and no-stick knife blade

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 4 × 4 in